Female Car Insurance

Gender does matter, according to the Car Insurance companies. It is not for nothing that brands such as Diva, Sheilas' Wheels and Diamond have launched stunning and well-coordinated campaigns targeting the female car driver market.

According to industry sources, a female between 18 and 25 will have less accidents than a male counterpart and that is frequently reflected in premium prices. Young people are more affected because there is a tendency for male drivers to drive their cars more aggressively. In towns you can be sure that if you hear an angry screech of wheels or one of those cars that play loud music, the driver is almost certainly going to be male. And also, females drive shorter distances, and drive at lower speeds.

It has been found that a female driver will be less likely to get motoring convictions or be charged with drunk driving soooo it should be a good idea to seek out the companies that specialise in female car insurance as they will be well equipped to offer low price premiums. This site lists a number of companies that specifically target the female car insurance market. Take a look around.

Overall, accident numbers are in fact quite similar between men and women - but a much higher percentage of claims on female car insurance policies are for small bumps and scrapes, yet claims on men's policies can have a higher claim value.

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